EOS - Get Started in 5 Minutes

This is a quick start guide for using the EOS Blockchain on your local OS X computer. It’s incredibly easy to be interacting with the EOS Blockchain in just a few minutes.

Special thanks to kurt braget pointed out that there was no guide to getting started using EOS and that it’s really easy with brew.

Install cleos on your mac with brew:
brew tap eosio/eosio && brew install eosio if you don’t have cleos

Create a wallet — the password for the wallet will be stored in a plaintext file called “1stwallet” -n names the wallet and -f names the file that stores the password:
cleos wallet create -n 1stwallet -f 1stwallet

Create an EOS keypair locally:
cleos create key

Import your private key into the wallet you created called 1stwallet:
cleos wallet import -n 1stwallet

Create an EOS Account — Mainnet or Kylin Testnet (some apps will give you a free mainnet account such as Sense.Chat.

I also run a cleos.sh script that I keep in a folder in my $PATH. Replace <yourOSXuser> in the script so you have the correct path.

echo -e "$nodeosaddress" and "$keosaddress"
/usr/local/bin/cleos -u "$nodeosaddress" --wallet-url "$keosaddress" "$@"

Run this script to test out your new account — change <youreosaccnt> to whatever account you created:
cleos.sh push action eostpstpstps message '["#eosaccounttest"]' -f -p <youreosaccnt>

Now you are up and running, if you want to start writing EOS smart contracts, check out this tutorial.