90 Days in EOS: By the Numbers

This is a brief analysis of the EOS Mainnet for the past 90 days. There have been some ups and downs, but activity has nearly doubled since October.

EOS Metrics

Shoutout: The data and graphs in this report are all sourced from the (still private) Hyperion system built and maintained by EOS Rio.

Quick Flashback


Way back in October, EOS gambling apps were first starting to pick up attention and users and EOS Lynx was creating lots of new accounts in its mobile wallet — breaking its own records each week.

So, what’s happening now?

90 Days of EOS

EOS DUAA (Nov 2018 — Feb 2019)

1/3 of the Accounts Active in 90 Days Are Daily Users

Unique Active Accounts (Nov 2018 — Feb 2019)

323,951 Unique Active Accounts in the past 90 days! That’s a lot of accounts. More than I had anticipated. Out of that, over 200k were active in the past 30 days.

Unique Active Accounts in the past 30 days (Jan 15— Feb 14, 2019)

Finally, most interestingly 105,410 were active in the last 24 hours! That is approximately 50% of the accounts active in the past 30 days and 30% of the accounts that were active in the past 3 months.

Unique Active Accounts in the past 24 hours (Feb 13 — Feb 14, 2019)

What sort of apps have a 50% DAU/MAU average? According to Quora:

Of the ten mobile apps with the very best DAU/MAU engagement, here are the rates for the best-known ones.

Safari — 69.1%

Facebook — 68.7%

Snapchat — 53.2%

Timehop — 52.6%

This makes EOS look really good in terms of user retention. So what are all of these users doing on EOS?

EOS dApps

As expected, many dice games and gambling games are at the top of the charts for the past 90 days. But you can see non-gambling apps:

EOSKnights holding strong across the bottom of the chart and also recently KARMA (which I just wrote about in another post here) getting a lot of traffic. The account “prochaintech” belongs to PRA Candybox which has 1000’s of users getting “candy” or what is basically free tokens every few minutes.

Top dApp Accounts by Transactions (Nov 2018 — Feb 2019)

Count EOS Active Smart Contracts

Unique EOS Smart Contracts (Nov 2018 — Feb 2019)

Tokens on EOS

Unique EOS Tokens (Nov 2018 — Feb 2019)

Speaking of tokens — which ones are the most popular? Here is a wordcloud — the larger the word, the more popular the token. Which one do you see first? Did you expect to see one and cannot find it? (EOS will not show here, because it is filtered out.)

Most Popular EOS Tokens (Nov 2018 — Feb 2019)

What was happening in the last week of 2018?

This is measured by the count of unique “from” accounts in transactions with tokens. (Nov 2018 — Feb 2019)

Last week of 2018 — usage on the EOS Mainnet was at record highs — for count of transactions, unique active accounts, and unique senders of tokens — what was going on?

I took a look at the price to see if there was any correlation. On December 27, 2018 the price dipped approximately 8%. In the days before, there was also a downtrend. At the time, there was a general bearish forecast on many news sources. Was everyone selling EOS at that time? It appears that they were.

https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/eos/ (Nov 2018 — Feb 2019)

Perhaps people were selling their tokens at the end of the year to take their profits (or losses).

Voting Stats

Accounts Voting Per Day (Nov 2018 — Feb 2019)

There are still many, many accounts that have not yet voted and I’ll tell you why it’s important. There are a few BPs who are totally underpaid for the level of tech they are providing.

Support BPs who are providing the most critical API history services:

  • shEOS
  • AtticLab
  • Greymass
  • EOSTribe (elastic)
  • Sw/eden
  • EOS Rio (mongo).

These are the only BPs providing any type of history for the entire EOS network and most of the nodes are not in the top 21 which is insane.

You can see which nodes are providing the most support to the dApps of the world here — look at the “Requests Served by Producer” section.

If you don’t know who to vote for, come vote with a proxy. There is a list of proxies here and the one I work closely with is BP1.


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